New, factory sealed product – In order to deliver the highest quality of goods to you, Encore works with new, factory sealed products. Typically, these products carry standard manufacturers’ Warranty. However, since the warranty periods are based on the original date of purchase from the manufacturer, the time periods can vary considerably. Each product has variable warranty period and we recommend you to check with us for each product specifically.

Encore warranty - To insulate you from various uncertainties, Encore offers blanket warranty protection for our customers on all products. However, if the products that you purchased from Encore are defective, we will replacement can be claimed subject to Clause 6 of our Sales – Terms & Agreement.

In the case where the product is not in new, Encore offer comprehensive quality management systems and procedures to eliminate your risk. In addition to certified procedures, we add our own inspection and test criteria. All Display products that are not new are thoroughly tested by a certified repair facility. All test results are available on request.