We believe- "Healthiness is Happiness" and therefore with a growing importance of better Healthcare equipment, need for Medical-Grade Monitors can no longer be ignored. Our DICOM-complaint and FDA approved monitors are committed to provide deepest insight just when it matters most.

  • MMSD-2400

    Surgical Display

    Our Surgical display offers precision imaging when it matters the most. Surgeons rely on these monitors in critical & life-saving moments.

    Application areas: -Endoscopy -Laparoscopy
    -Surgery -Gastroscopy
  • Cath-Lab & C-arm Display (900 x 800)

    Cath-Lab & C-arm Display

    This category of our Medically approved Displays can be put on Cath-Labs and C-Arms. Advanced designs of these displays allow suitability for not only new models of these modalities but also facilitate retrofitting in old and out-dated machines.

    Application areas: - Cath-Lab
    - C-arm
    - Radiography
    - Cardiology
    - Fluoroscopy
  • MMMD-5500

    Large Display for Study / Consultation

    These Large Size Displays are suitable for Group-Studies, Medical Consultation, Conferencing & ORs.

    Application areas: -Cath-Lab -Cardiology
    -Operating Theatre -Fluroscopy
    -Consultation Room -Conferencing
    -Training & Learning
  • 15inc LCD MRI Scan

    Open Frame LCD Kits for Development

    These Open-Frame Flat-Panel LCD Display Kits are meant for development & integration purposes. Features such as IPS offer wider viewing angle, better refresh rate and Large number of shades of Gray allow better visibility.

    Application areas: - Portable Devices
    - Patient Monitoring Sys.
    - Other Medical Devices
    - Handheld Devices
    - Ultrasound
    - Display on Cart