Getting the needed information in accurate measurements can only increase the efficiency of any manufacturing unit. With advanced production mechanisms in place, correct visual information is what one needs to make quick decisions. While we offer retrofit Imaging-solutions for machine with age-old interfaces and frequencies our Small-form factor, Low power consuming and LED backlit Displays are in line with new technologies of today; keeping in mind our Go-Green & Power-Saving initiatives.

  • EL160.120.39

    Open Frame LCD Kits for Development

    Displays for integration with HMIs, Consoles and Machines needing feature-rich imaging such as Low EMI/EMC and High durability.

    Application areas: -Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    -Portable & Handheld Devices
    -Automatic Test Equipments
    -Console Display for CNC Machines
  • 32inc LCD Display

    Industrial Grade Displays

    These Industrial Grade Displays with metal enclosures are built to sustain abnormal Heat, Dust & Humidity levels.

    Application areas: -DCS / SCADA System
    -Textile Weaving & Spinning HMI
    -Control Room & Large size Displays
    -Automatic Test Equipment
    -Automotive / Vehicle
    -Public Information Display
  • industrial-lcd-monitors

    Industrial LCD Monitors

    When looking for cost-effective integration or replacement from CRTs to LCDs, our MDA, EGA and CGA Monitors offer perfect scalability.

    Application areas: -DCS / SCADA System
    -CNC Machines
    -Gaming Consoles