Medical & Healthcare

Encore offers medically certified and approved Displays meant for various Healthcare application for Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology, Surgery, Pathology, Dental etc. Our association with worldwide Industry-leaders allows us to offer top-quality medical displays suitable for film-less & softcopy reporting.

Encore has also partnered with various OEMs by way of offering high-resolution LCD Panels to be integrated in various modalities such as Ultra-Sound and applications like PMS, Fatal Bed Side Monitors etc.

Surveillance & Defence

Encore doesn’t support any program that involves direct or indirect use or manufacturing of arms and material of mass-destruction. Encore offers Ruggedized Displays for various Defence programs of Military, Navy and Air Force. All products under this category are subject to ITAR regulations and we abide by it strictly.

Our expertise with LCD Displays, allows us to engineer and offer products meant for harsh and challenging environments such as -40oC to +85oC, requirement for very high EMI/EMC shielding, Glass-Bonding for Sunlight-Readability, Night-Vision Compatibility and IP65 / IP68 for weather-proofing.

Advertising & Signage

Encore offers a very wide range of displays used for digital-signage and outdoor advertising. Some displays are customization and scalable to meet ever growing needs of this industry. Our Network controlled displays are best suited for today’s need-based advertising market; wherein all content management can be done remotely.

LED & LCD Video walls for Indoor & Outdoor application are fast becoming part of our daily lives. Encore offers best in class video walls to meet large-video screen requirements for stage-shows and OOH media.

Industrial Automation

Encore offers customizable LCD Displays to suit critical needs of Industrial automation. Our displays ruggedized and enriched to meet harsh industrial-environmental conditions such as High-Humidity, +85oC Operating Temperature, High level of EMI/RFI, compatibility with legacy interfaces such as EGA/CGA. Our typically engineered and designed displays for several process-control industries are 100% drop-replacement to some several CRTs and Monochrome Displays at very cost-effective prices.

Our association with Industry-leader in EL Displays enables such us to offer displays that supports a true essence of Industrial-automation. CNC Machines, Textile Weaving & Spinning Machines, Automotive Manufacturing & Diagnostic machines, Navigational equipment for Marine application, In-Vehicle Displays for construction machinery are to name a few.