In the world of digitization, still images-advertising is fast being replaced with Displays capable of getting the best return on occupied space.

  • 55inc-lcd-videowall

    LCD Videowall

    Thin-Bezel Digital-Information-Displays (DID) with HD-Resolution offer crisp imaging. While off-board electronics make installation easy and quick; built-in content management software give all the freedom you need to control your videowall.

    Application areas: - Sports Displays
    - Stage Shows & Entertainment
    - Public Information Display
    - Video Conferencing
    - Broadcasting & Media
    - Simulation & Training
    - Product Window / Directory
    - Control Room Display
  • led-videowall

    LED Videowall

    Wide Variety of Indoor and Outdoor LED Videowalls with user-friendly Content Management Software and smartly design LED blocks give cost-effective signage solutions. Energy Saving LEDs add up to our Go-Green initiatives.

    Application areas: - Signage
    - Entertainment
    - Sports Displays
    - Stage Shows / Backdrop
    - Public Information Displays